Your Memorable Dance Resume Layout

A dance resume layout is basically a purely functional resume layout. The good news for dancers is that a dance resume layout really can look spectacular.

Strictly speaking, any arts resume layout is essentially a portfolio-based layout, based on your work history and training. For dancers, this type of layout allows you to provide a lot of information very simply and very efficiently.

Basic Dance Resume Layout

The dance resume layout is really is systematically arranged profile. This resume is created in sections, with a lot of options for layouts if you need to provide a lot of detailed information.

A typical dance layout for a performer is organized as follows:

Personal information selection

  • Name and contact details
  • Height and weight
  • Current photo.


This is a list of recent performances separated into specific types of performance, like film, stage, television, and detailing:

  • Name of performance
  • Your role in the performance
  • Production company.

Important tip – Be thoughtful about your choice of performances, and make sure that your choices are relevant and appropriate to the new employer. Clearly define your roles for each type of performance. For example, if you were doing a live performance for a public event or TV commercial, make it clear that you have this experience. This is useful for employers, helping them to find experienced professionals more easily in different types of performance role.


Your training information needs to indicate the degree of formal training you have received and the type(s) of dance in which you have been trained. Please note that the information you provide about your training is critically important. This is especially the case if you’re a ballet dancer or professional modern dancer.

Your training information needs to indicate:

  • Name of training institution
  • Name of dance coaching provider
  • Trainers.

As you can see, their combination of information provided in your resume is essentially a very straightforward list of your skills, qualifications, and experience. This list allows potential employers to simply assess your skills, literally at a glance.


This is a very broad additional section, allowing you to list other skills, like acting skills, or other skills relevant to the position.

Dance Resume Information Quality and Resume Targeting

When hiring a dancer, selection involves finding a person with the appropriate levels of skills, proven performance experience, and appropriate training for the types of performance(s) involved. The information contained in your resume needs to clearly indicate your suitability for a given role.

Keep in mind is that producers, choreographers, and directors must see that you are the right person for the type of performance required. You will need to rearrange or edit your resume materials according to the specific needs of dance roles.

This is called “targeting” your resume. For performance artists in general, but particularly dancers, targeting is best practice. This is a highly competitive job environment, and you really do need to spell out that you are the person for the job.

Take the time to make sure that your dance resume stands out, looks good, and makes an excellent professional impression. You’ll find that a good-looking resume can take you a long way, even in this very demanding profession.