Your Basic Resume Layout

The Best Basic Resume Layout

Looking for a basic resume layout? You’ve found it. Check out our free resume layout and use it to help you create the best resume you can today!

What’s in a Basic Resume Layout?

Basic Resume Layout
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Your basic resume layout contains three extremely important elements. The first element is your contact information. Even the most simple resume layout needs to, at minimum, have your name, email and phone number. Failing to include these parts sets you up immediately for failure. There are many additions that can be made to a general resume layout’s contact information, just as address or a website, but at the very, very minimum make sure that yours included the very basics so a recruiter can get in touch conveniently and quickly to invite you to an interview.

A Great and Simple Resume Layout

Your Basic Resume LayoutNext in your great and simple resume layout comes your education. List the universities you have attended and their corresponding dates of attendance. Below that, put your major and the degree you have earned. For a basic resume layout, that’s all you need. Like usual, there are some additions to the typical resume layout that would fill in the picture, if you so desire. For example, you can write your grade point average next to your degree in order to demonstrate your great academic skill. If you wrote a thesis at the end of you college career, you can also list its title. This last part is a great addition to a simple resume layout if your thesis is relevant to the position for which you are applying.

Not the Typical Resume Layout

The third basic element of a general resume layout is your work experience. Write the companies you have worked for, the years you have worked for them and your title in the organization. Then lay out your duties and responsibilities beneath your job title. It can go from typical resume layout to an extraordinary resume layout if you go deep into the details of your previous positions but do so in a clear and concise manner, taking advantage of action verbs and such. Check our simple resume layout design to get more ideas!