What Are Top Rated Resume Formats in 2017?

How to Search the Job Creatively

Despite the fact that the job market might be improving, the competition is as stern as ever. A number of job seekers will do almost anything to distinguish themselves including using top rated resume formats in 2017, understanding that there are often tons of candidates vying for the same desirable position. However, it can be risky to take a creative approach to the job application, interview process and standart resume format.

As a matter of fact, job seekers are now making use of creative ideas to get noticed in this highly competitive job market. Employers want to know that you are serious about the job opportunity, even though they like creativity. Using creativity to search for job is good because you cannot just remain in that hiding place expecting for employers to come to you, but you are the one that will go to them at times because you are the one seeking employment

Creative job or career search is all about an active and creative approach towards applying for job openings and researching careers. All you need to do to get that job fast is to use your initiative towards finding out about job opportunities or what is involved in a career, rather than being busy surfing the Web or reading books. You just need to be aggressive and practical about your job search.

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Making exploratory applications with the use of a letter or CV and growing a network of people that can assist in providing you with necessary information or advice are the main elements of creative career search. Searching job creatively is mainly important when there is competition for the jobs you are seeking.

Doing your research is the first step towards how to search the job creatively. In other words, discover more about the jobs you are much interested in, making use of reference files, videos and booklets on the Internet and careers information room. You may as well find fruitful information from business, academic and public libraries.

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This is an important stage for the reason that no probable employer will be interested in you except that you can show them that you have at least gone through the pain of researching the nitty-gritty. Try Prospect Planner, if you don’t know the career you want to enter. This is a dominant program to aid you in your career choice.

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Make It Private

This is what nearly all tips advise you to do as far as applying for job is concerned. However, the tips perhaps did not mean it as exactly as most of these job seekers have taken it. A good number of them have discovered entirely novel techniques of applying for a job vacancy as well as the way to face the job search. These innovative applications are exceptional and without doubt extraordinary.

The truth is that you are gambling even as you are trying such a mesmerizing job application, for the fact that applications involving irony and humor can be misunderstood fast. You can risk making a fool of yourself, if you fail to do your creative application correctly. This is because you will not be taken seriously by employers and you will go viral.

Furthermore, your creative application must be relevant and charming to the position or industry you are applying for so that it will not look as if you are using a desperate attempt to land a job interview.

Search the Job Creatively – Guide

Contract a billboard outside the office of the employer

This is a situation where you make a billboard and do a social media campaign about your job search around it. Follow up the billboard with a Twitter and Facebook page account. You will be amazed at the positive offers you will receive.

Template that suits best for professionals

This is the best template that suits best for professionals:


To include the name, address – city and state, phone numbers and email address

Career Objective

Just state what your objective is without the need of placing a heading over your career objective. You can use the bullet format


Reverse chronological order including the degree or certification obtained, name of institution, related or notable activities and dates of attendance

Skills / Achievements

This should be in bullet list format to include most recognized achievements, add most relevant skills after achievements, dates and other information such as company name are not required here, but only a summary of your most notable achievements.

Professional / Relevant Experience

To include your work history, in reverse chronological order (list most recent employer listed first), your job title, name and location of employer, dates of employment, bullet list of major/relevant achievements. Note: ADD volunteer work, if relevant

Additional Relevant Memberships / Skills / Activities / Awards

This should be in bullet list format including brief description of relevant awards, memberships and activities

Key Competencies / Skills

Just add whatever is related to the position like your efficiency level and type of software you can use, the equipment you can operate, the languages you speak as well as your personal attributes.

As a job seeker in the labor market, building top rated resume formats in 2017 is very import, even though it is a daunting task. Remember that your resume format can open or shut many a number of employment opportunities for you. For this reason, making sure that your resume template is in line with the latest trends in resume writing is quite necessary. Many job seekers hire professional resume writers to write their resumes for them. This works sometimes, but also backfires.

However, with the above information on what are top rated resume formats in 2017, you can now write your 2017 resume like a professional!

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