What are the Best Resume Templates 2016?

resume templates 2016
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Employers have always been impressed with resume templates 2016 that follow the latest format and template that suits a particular job. As you know, no two jobs are exactly alike, and the same applies to resumes. There are many kinds of them to use, but not all of them may be suitable for your job application. In this case, you might want to find and use the most appropriate format and layout to suit the kind of applicant you are.

Types of the Latest Resume Format 2016

What is a resume design or format? It’s all about the look of the best resume format 2016, which means that it has something to do with how you are emphasizing certain elements and how you are organizing such, too. There are different styles that might look flatter for various job histories. In reality, there are three types to choose to have the latest resume format 2016 that matches you.

  1. Reverse chronological order has to do with listing your education and work experience starting with the most latest moving backwards.
  2. There is also the functional resume or skills-based resume that focuses more on what you have done in the industry and where have you worked.
  3. And then there is the hybrid resume that combines both the functional and chronological resumes.

Other Types of Templates and Formats

  1. Narrative chronological is outdated and begins with the oldest. It works forward proceeding with the newest details. It is no longer recommended, but the best resume format 2016.
  2. Another great format is the professional resume, one that is made up of at least three pages in a resume, and is a template or format that focuses more on your activities and qualifications.
  3. A CV or curriculum vitae is one that is a comprehensive account of one’s biographical resume, which can go up to 10 pages.
  4. There is also now the international CV, which is something ideal for overseas job application.
  5. Today, there is also the accomplishment based resume, a type of hybrid resume, which can include both your accomplishments and qualifications.
  6. Not to forget in choosing latest resume format 2016 is the linear type, which include a fast presentation of information that does not contain plenty of details.
  7. There are also portfolio resume formats, which may include your works and samples, such as in the fields of marketing, arts and contracting fields.

Resume Templates 2016 Suggestions

  • If you’re a rookie or an ex-military, you can make use of a functional, linear or hybrid
  • If in business, select the accomplishment or reverse chronological format.
  • If you are a veteran and an expert in your field, you can make use of the accomplishment-based, functional or hybrid type of resume.
  • If you have special issues, you may use a functional or hybrid resume.
  • For career shifters, you can make use of a functional resume.
  • If you have a perfect career pattern, choose the reverse chronological.
  • If you are in the arts and in education, you can make use of the academic CV or professional resume.

Why Choose the Right Resume Template 2016?

Choosing the right template or format for your resume can show your real interest in applying for the job. You will be able to make use of the right template to express your sincerity to becoming part of the company because you are giving your reader an easy way of reading and understanding your resume.

By using the right latest resume format 2016, you will also be able to give yourself an advantage on top of the other applicants because the right format is also suitable for the type of applicant you are. For instance, you should make use of the reverse chronological if you have a perfect, no gap career pattern, while a functional if you have employment gaps and you want to show off your skills and knowledge, instead.

If you are going to use the best format for your resume, you will be able to increase your chances of being call for an interview because you are able to target your application based on the requirements of the job and your skills.

Got no inspiration? Use our resume sample 2016 then!

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