Two-Column Resume Layout

To lay out a resume may be one of the most confusing things to do in the process of creating a topnotch resume appearance and style. There are the two-column resume and the one-column resume types to choose from, but selecting which between them is applicable for your application and the type of employee you are. Check out the following for the answers you’re looking for as well as some advice on when to use the two-column resume.

Two-Column Resume Format

First column of the two column resume template :Heading/Headline


-This is where you will write your name

– Just below it, fill up a subtitle with a description of your title

-On the right side, write your physical location

– Under the heading, include your social media contact details, including Twitter, website and email





-List down all work experiences related to the current application.

-Remember to write them down starting from the most recent and down.

– You don’t have to write all of them if they are not that significant and related.

Second column of the two-column resume

(Sections are interchangeable)

– Objective

– Education

– Skills

– Awards/Accomplishments

– Hobbies/Interests

– Additional contact details



One-Column Resume versus Two-Column Resume

Both the one-column and two-column resumes are useful for most types of applicants but the single column resume is more traditional than the two-column formats. They are also both applicable for single-page resumes that give all about you without you having to consume much space or even two pages.

When to Use the Two-Column Resume Format

It helps you stand out from the crowd because it is different, although it remains classy and professional. This resume is for those that want to come up with an easy to read and clean formats. It can also help you come up with an amazing format especially if you were in the information technology or creative fields or industries.  You can use the two column resume template for highlighting all the relevant experiences you have in the industry in the first page, in case you were using a two-page resume format. The most important things can be emphasized in the first page, so this is a good format for highlighting your publications, skills and licenses.

The two column resume template is applicable in highlighting you are a good fit for the job by providing the employer a way to discuss your experience and skills in one look.  Overall the template is very easy to navigate and an ideal format to people working in the information technology field for its unique and innovative presentation.