Traditional Resume Layout

What is a traditional resume? This is the type of resume mostly used by job seekers from all skill levels and work experience. You can make use of it yourself after reading the tips below. Learn what to include and what important tips you have to know about font and styling it.

How a Traditional Resume Looks Like


  • to contain your name and under it is your job description
  • to include also your contact details, such as your mobile number, landline number, fax number and email address
  • it may also help to include some links to your social profiles and website.


  • is where to highlight your goals and plans and what you can do for the company
  • is the selling point where to let the employer realize you are the right fit for the job.


  • is where to choose writing about your challenges and to write methods or solutions on how you overcome them
  • is where you can also highlight some important contributions you made in the last position held.


  • is where to write your work background and position held, companies worked for and job duties
  • is listed in the reverse chronological order.


  • is where to write your academic history, including school names, degrees earned and inclusive dates of attendance
  • is also where to write certifications and trainings attended.


  • is where to write your special skills or competencies.

Tips for Traditional Resume Template

  • Do not forget using line breaks and white spaces for an eye-friendly presentation
  • Use one inch margins on all sides, a standard
  • Use black and white resume only
  • Make use of easy to read fonts including Arial, Times New Roman and Calibri
  • Print using only legal size white paper
  • Compress your resume to one page as much as possible.

There you have some useful tips on how to write a resume using the traditional resume template. Check out and follow these tips for successful resume writing, but make sure you ask the help of someone else when you think you cannot edit the resume yourself. Do not send it out to multiple companies but make custom resume for each for an increased chance of getting an interview invitation.

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