Top Resume Sample 2016 That Will Make Your Resume Pro

resume sample 2016
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What are the best ways to write your resume using the best resume sample 2016? A professional resume will help you find a job fast because it can provide you with plenty of benefits. However, you have to know that there are different resumes for 2016 that work for a specific niche to apply. In this case, you may want to find and use some samples that will help you in coming up with the perfect resume. Check out some of the samples we’ve provided.

Examples of a Professional Resume 2016

Retailer Resume

Samantha Edwards
7 Apple Street,
New York, NY
>Mobile: 555.555.5555


  • Key holder, ABC Company
  • May 20xx- Present

Organized more than one dozen of the company’s promotional events before and at the opening of the boutique, leading to the success of the first week of opening. Placed orders to restock products and items and handles the receiving of all products.

  • Sales Manager, Nordstrom, Couture and Collectors Departments
  • July 20xx- February 20xx

Given convenient and excellent customer service, leading to a two-time award for excellence in customer support. Achieved the position of sales associate for the department of women’s wear due to leadership skills, including merchandising ability.


  • Bachelor of Arts, New York University
  • >Computer literacy skills
  • Experience using NetSuite, Quickbooks and other management software for inventory
  • Experience in internet research and social media

Research technician resume

Michael Christopher
222 Valley Road, New York, NY
Mobile: 777.777.7777

Possesses hands-on research techniques with four years of experience working with and for a leading gas and chemical maker. With qualifications including,

  • Solid skills and foundation in all types of chemical synthesis
  • Experienced in using TGA, SEM and other testing methods
  • Seasoned in data collection and sample collection
  • Successful demonstration of keeping safe lab operations


XYZ COMPANY, Some Town, New York
Maker of industrial gases and chemicals
Research Technician
April XXXX- Present

Assists in the design, making and execution of research, analysis and testing of chemical products, such as resins, coatings, industrial gases and adhesives. Uses methods and tools, such as SEM and dilatometry.


  • Accomplished quality control by performing detailed testing and synthesis of ceramic samples and metallic oxides
  • Complied with the company’s safety SOP guidelines in handling and managing chemicals and operating equipment, including pressure regulators


ABC University, Some Town, New York
Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, 2009, with GPA 3.7 and graduated with honors

Which Resume Sample 2016 to Choose?

  • Chronological requires listing down of your work experiences in chronological order
  • Functional is about listing down your skills and expertise in a particular industry
  • Hybrid is a combination of the two resume formats

Resume Sample 2016 Tips

  1. Do not use fancy fonts, layouts and formats, but make use of professional looking one, such as the Times New Roman font, between size 9 and 12.
  2. Use a plain word format and not a table format so that your resume will work compatibly in most devices.
  3. Use the reverse chronological order when writing by starting with the most recent to the least, especially in your job section.
  4. Quantify your work experiences and do not just claim anything. If you would say that you’re an effective sales associate, what makes you think and say so? What are the figures to prove it?
  5. Do not write with the objective statement, but replace it with an executive summary. It is more effective than letting the employer know of your job objective. In fact, it is his objective that he wants to meet.
  6. Skip the personal family information, such as married with three kids… instead make use of the limited space wisely , such as showing off your best assets, including your keen attentions to details. Avoid those that will not help you win an interview.
  7. Do not include photos in your resume.

Follow a few of the sample resumes 2016 we have used here to help you come up with an impressive resume. Make sure that your resume is targeted to the specific job application so that you can be sure that yours is not a generic type of resume that does not get any attention at all. Finally, spend some time in studying your options and weighing them to decide which resume type suits you.