The Most Efficient Resume Formats 2017

Overview – Resume Formats 2017

If you are serious about getting that dream job of yours in 2017, you must start from proper resume formats 2017. With the huge amount of resumes received daily by Human Resources of various organizations, well written best resume formats are reckoned with as nearly all the job seekers don’t actually understand how to format a winning resume.

Reasons for Resume Formats

There are various reasons for resume formats 2017 as highlighted below:

  • To exhibit your potencies and bring more awareness to them
  • To target and eventual land a particular job
  • To make the proper positioning
  • To conceal some openings, if any

Relax as you are about to learn about resume formats 2017 that would surely make you stand out both your strengths and your skills. It is all about a list of the most common resume formats 2017, used by a lot of people who are looking for job all over the world on daily basis. Consider them and choose your choice carefully.

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The Most Efficient Resume Formats 2017 and Their Pros and Cons

It is noteworthy that every CV template is exceptional and you should therefore make sure the one you choose would showcase your strengths and skills.

Find out, what the top rated resume formats in 2017 are!

The decision of which resume formats 2017 is right for you is important, depending on the particular field your are, the extent of your experience, and any strengths you wish to showcase or challenges you may wish to conceal; the choice of the right resume format for you is important.

The list includes the following:

Chronological resume formats

The chronological resume formats are the most common and standard format for a resume in 2017. It highlights your latest position first and followed by your earlier positions in downward order. A dumpy list of duties and responsibilities follows each job, and you might decide to highlight any special recognitions or honors. The skills and education sections go after work history.

Chronological resume formats are commonly used by traditional industries like accounting and finance.


  • It is very easy to review and get information from. Chronological resume formats lists the name of the company, title, date and particular job duties clearly.
  • In addition to your skills, this formats also let you advertise the company. It is a unique way of promoting a reputable and popular corporation or organization.
  • Most efficient, particularly if you have a solid work history in your field


  • It allows for associating with an employer known for negative things which is contrary to your wish. This is because you just have to showcase your last employer.
  • Draws people’s attention to employment gaps and this is a red flag to employers.
Functional resume format

This is an alternative to the standard resume format and it leads with a list of skills and certain job experience, followed by education and then the work history sections. If creative pin is all you need on your employment history or probably work in a progressive field like education, functional resume format is your ideal choice.


  • Draws attention away from general lack of work experience or employment gaps
  • It also draws attention away from too much job hopping
  • You can use this format to conceal long absences from the workforce


  • The hiring managers are always cautious of this type of resume format, especially if hiding an employment gap is your only reason for making use of it
  • Difficult to understand by recruiters in the review process
Hybrid resume format

This is a mixture of chronological and functional types of resume formats. The first part highlights the qualifications and skills you have, which are most related to the position you are applying for. This is followed by a work history section in reverse chronological order, giving recruiters an overview of your demonstrating transparency and experience about the length of tenure and employment gaps.


  • Quite efficient and perfect for current graduates and those looking for entry-level jobs
  • It is also beneficial to workers with solid and lengthy work history as it lets them highlight their most inspiring credentials up front, instead of concealing them near an wide-ranging work history section
  • Keeps your skills section concise, centering on your most impressive achievements as well as leaving enough room for your chronological work history to be on the first page for managers to see your earlier jobs at a glance
Performance resume format

This format is the perfect choice for job seekers who desire to exhibit their level of performance and achievements on their earlier places of work. It is a frequently used format and also popular among all the HRs. As its name implies, begin with your achievements block. Every job title mentioned should include major activities and responsibilities that you managed on a certain position.


  • Gives you opportunity to channel your resume towards a certain position
  • You can easily conceal the employment gaps you don’t want to show in your resume
  • As an experienced specialized, this CV format 2017 allows you to exhibit that


  • Difficult for a number of HRs to understand
  • Doesn’t allow for enough details

Latest Most Efficient Resume

The latest of the most efficient resume format 2017 are:

  • The performance resume format
  • Alternative resume format
  • Functional resume format
  • Targeted resume format
  • Student resume format
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Resume writing can be a daunting task, whether you are a fresher or a job seeker with years of experience. More than a few resumes are received by human resources managers for a position, making it imperative for your resume to stand out from the crowd. Choosing any resume format of your choice as discussed above is the first step towards writing the most efficient resume formats 2017.

With the tips and tricks highlighted above, you should be able to write a winning resume. Do you still need to clarify certain issues on the most efficient resume formats 2017? Visit other pages!