The Best Resume Format 2015

best resume format 2015

You are asking, “What is the best simple resume format 2015?” Online, you can find many templates to use and many of them are offered free. However, what templates work for others may not work for you. The secret here is to select the right kind of format of resume to bring the best out of your application.

Types of Best Format for Resume 2015

  • Reverse Chronological

This is the type of resume to highlight someone’s solid and strong work background and history. If you would be using this format, avoid the temptation of listing down every single jobs or positions you held, but only the most relevant ones for the job application.  In this best resume format 2015, you should only include the most important positions you held you think would impress the employer. You don’t have to write about your summer jobs or volunteer activities when unnecessary.

  • Functional Resume

Resume 2015          resume format 2015

This is the best option if you were looking to highlight your skills and competencies, especially if you were someone who possesses high level of expertise for the job. This may also work for you if you have been continuously improving or honing your skills with additional certifications, trainings and workshops.

  • Combination Format

Used to combine the two types of resumes, combination format works best for people who want to emphasize both on their skills and on their work history. This is a very adaptable format for all kinds of job seekers, too, including to those who do not have much work experience but with enough skill level to impress the employer.

More Tips for the Latest Resume Format 2015

best format for resume 2015          latest resume format 2015

When writing your resume, never be tempted listing down every single position you have handled, but only the ones relevant to the job. Do not also consume more than two pages for your resume; instead, focus on coming up with only a single page of resume.  Writing character references may be included but not really recommended. Nevertheless, choose the type of resume based on what you want to give emphasis on and use the best format for resume 2015 today!

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