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Resume Format For Freshers

When you start at University, there are a number of things that immediately change. From your friends to your social life, everything becomes new and interesting over the course of just the first week. Even trying to find a job changes, as you now have more of a direction in your life. Starting University may also be the time to update your resume, but you might have a few things that need changing. The resume format for freshers is completely different than the resume format that you might have used just a few weeks or months ago.

Starting off, you will need to modify the education section of your resume, possibly moving it to the top of your resume if it isn’t there already. There are many resume formats for freshers, but almost all of them include a prominent education section.

If You’ve Chosen A Major/Concentration

Resume Format For FreshersIf you’ve started University with a major or concentration in University, then you will want to list that as well, regardless of whether it applies to your job or not. The simple fact that you have chosen a concentration for your career in University shows that you have found a direction in your life and that necessitates a change in your resume over the standard resume format for fresher.

If You Haven’t Chosen A Major/Concentration

If you are in the other boat, and you haven’t chosen a concentration for your career in University, then this isn’t the time to fret. Quite a few people wait until they are far into their chosen field in University before they take the plunge and chose a concentration.

If you fall into this boat, then you will still want to list your University on your resume, and you will still be able to choose from one of the resume formats for freshers. Since you don’t have a concentration on your resume, you will want to make sure that you have a good story behind why there is no concentration, as no hiring manager wants to work with someone who doesn’t have any idea what they want to do with their life.

When you start your freshman year at University, you it’s important to keep your resume updated. You’ve taken a major step in your life and you want to represent that when you are looking for a job. Aside from your concentration, the only other change that you need in your basic resume format for freshers is the addition of your GPA (but only if it’s good!)