Standard Resume Layout

There are many types of “standard resume layout”, but the real issue is which layout is the best. The most basic resume layout is essentially a structured document, providing core information. That’s the best standard to work with, and it’s also the most efficient for job applications.

Please note the purposes of this article that “standard resume layout” is based on purely functional considerations, not cosmetic or presentation issues. A good standard curriculum vitae layout can be easily be customized to manage these issues, which are not really relevant to the structuring of good resume.

For the sake of clarity, we’re going to stick to simply reproducing our basic format as a standard resume template.

A typical standard resume is laid out in much the same way as a good information sheet, structured to provide information on a pro forma basis:


  • John Doe Ph.D.
  • 123 Anywhere Street
  • State
  • ZIP Code


  • Doctorate of Genetic Biology  Anywhere University Summa cum laud, 2008
  • Master’s Degree biology Anywhere University 2006
  • Bachelor’s degree biology anywhere University 2003
  • Graduated with honors Anywhere High School 2000


Research Scientist, Anywhere R Us Long Chain Genetic Polymer Inc. 456 Somewhere Road, Anywhere, 2006 – current.

Research Assistant, Anywhere  Research Laboratories 890 Everywhere Street, Anywhere. 2002 – 2006


Anywhere Chamber of Commerce Research Assistant of the Year, 2007

Okay, Shakespeare isn’t going to lose any sleep worrying about the competition reading this document, but you can see how much information can be provided in just a few words using this CV layout for teenagers. Anyone reading this resume has all the information they need, and that is the primary objective of a good resume.

In the case of the resume above, the Employment section may be further qualified using statements of information regarding:

  • Responsibilities
  • Specific research projects
  • Work carried out
  • Relevant projects
  • Papers written

Whether you’re a biological researcher with a doctorate or an accountant, a lawyer or a bus driver, any resume can be easily structured on this basic layout. Information is clear, and there is plenty of room to provide additional information which can be targeted for job applications.

Stick to the basic resume layout as your core information. You’ll find it makes working with your resume easier, and maintains your core information with almost no effort at all.