Some Resume Tips 2016 That Turn Your Resume to Unbeatable

How much time did you spend writing your resume? It is understandable if you have spent much of it in coming up with a resume. Job applicants, especially freshers, might find it hard to construct an unbeatable resume, and many of them, in fact, come up with a generic resume that isn’t geared towards a specific application, losing their chances to get an interview invitation. But this shouldn’t be the case. The best resumes 2016 should be unbeatable (and irresistible), capture the attention or impress the hiring manager. To begin with, check out the following resume tips 2016 that will make things better for you.

Why Learning of the Best Resume Tips 2016 Matters

  1. Writing your resume using the best format, layout and style will help you grab the reader’s attention. Your resume should look as professional as it should be so that you can show your professionalism in the first place. Another reason to writing the perfect resume is to show that you can be trusted by following the instructions or requirements, as per the job posting.
  2. A perfect resume matters because it targets a specific job application. in this case, bear in mind of coming up with a unique, company-specific resume that will show your authenticity and sincerity of really wanting to become a part of this or that company.
  3. Having a good resume will show that you can be relied on to even for small things that start with your resume. In this case, make sure that your paper contains no grammatical, spelling and style errors.

How to Write a Resume 2016

  1. Avoid using fancy and crazy fonts and layouts. Use good resume formats. This is not the place to become creative, but professional. Skip the special effects; after all, this resume is not for entertainment purposes, but for hiring. You should stick with formal fonts, for instance. Use the Times New Romans, between nine and 12 font sizes.
  2. You should also use the black type and not a white paper. For different companies you have worked in the past, you can use different type size, including on your title. However, you should stay consistent, and use italics, boldface and underline sparingly.
  3. Use a simple Word format, which can be viewed easily on most computers, not a template or a table format. Avoid using such to avoid your resume from being not viewable in some devices.
  4. Make use of the reverse chronological order when writing your resume; therefore, you should list down beginning with the present or most current jobs, moving backwards. When doing so, however, include the company’s complete name, such as brief information on what this business is as well as how many months or years have you worked here. Under it, list down your position and your accomplishments.  You don’t have to use complete sentences here, but verbs. Begin with strong words or keywords that will best describe what you do, such as invoicing, finance, tax reporting…
  5. Avoid the fluff “objective statement,” but make use of an executive summary. The employer cares about his objectives and not yours.
  6. One of the best tips on how to write a resume 2016 is to skip the personal information, such as with three kids, married… You should ditch such information, which does not really interest the hiring manager, as it has nothing to do with the application.
  7. Show and do not only tell. This is one of the things to remember. When claiming something up, such as your accomplishments, tell some stories, including 25% increase in sales… Quantify your accomplishments by having supporting details and figures on it.
  8. Avoid overused phrases and keywords, such as creative, superior communication skills and keen attention to details. They don’t actually have a strong meaning, and so they only weaken your application. They do nothing to help you get an interview invitation.
  9. You can make use of words that talk about titles, including manager, customer service, financial analyst…
  10. Another resume tips 2016 to remember is to get rid of photos in your application. Remember, you are looking for a job and not for a date.

Types: Resume Tips 2016

  • Chronological – begins with the most current job to the least latest
  • Functional – focuses on the job skills rather than work experience
  • Hybrid – combines both types

Following these tips, you will be on your way to making an unbeatable resume that sells and works for you. Avoid the fluff, the grammar error and the fancy fonts, as the basics, and then check out if you resume contain the above-mentioned points on how to write a resume 2016 for the best results.