Some Examples of Resumes 2016 According to the Latest Trends

examples of resumes 2016
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Resumes for 2016 have changed substantially due to the changes caused and added by the latest resume trends. Every year, employers look for ideal candidates following the best resume trends in their applications. So if you were to apply the coming year, make sure that you comply and match the latest trends in writing a good resume that rocks!

Resume Trends from Examples of Resumes 2016

If you’re writing your resume for the first time after a couple of years, looking to become a part of a new company, then it is time that you update your old resume and tweak it in order that it matches the latest trends in today’s resumes. The way of writing one has changed dramatically in many years, and so job seekers are always finding ways on how to adapt with these changes in their resumes for 2016. Check out the following resume tips 2016 to get started and to do well in your next job application.

  1. Make certain elements stand out by using colors. It does not mean that your resume should look like a circus of colors, but it means that you have to make some elements, such as headings and subheadings stand out by using certain colors. For instance, you can use RED in highlighting some borders in order to set off some sections of your document, especially if you have a packed resume, as it will help in improving readability and navigation in your resume, according to good examples of resumes 2016.
  2. Include branding, one of the top secrets of great resumes. These are headline statements, which will help you in putting your top strengths in the front and in the center of the application, letting the hiring managers see this aspect at a glance. This will help in setting the tone in your application, and this will also include some revenue achievements you have had in the previous jobs. When identifying your branding, think of the best three executive strengths you possess, including process efficiency, cost control and global team direction.  When done, decide on which among these executive strengths are most important for the hiring manager or employer. You can then make a concise sentence on top of your application. You can also develop two sentences and use both headlines, provided that they are slightly varying in font color or size.
  3. Write a well-driven summary with focus on your achievements, highlighted by metrics. In this case, you will need to include your most remarkable achievements and qualities by backing up your claims with the figures, statistics or details about such. When coming up with your resumes for 2016, make sure that you list down your career highlights and achievements into the first few phrases or words and not for the later part. As you know, employers are busy and they spend only about five seconds in one resume. Make sure that yours compels from the very start.
  4. Come up with at most two pages for your resume, according to the best examples of resumes 2016. Consolidate your best qualifications and achievements so that you can make it easier for your readers to follow and see what they are looking for in the beginning.
  5. Ditch the objective statement, but use an executive summary instead. It is considered fluff and it does nothing for your application.

Kinds of Examples of Resumes 2016

  • Chronological focuses on your work experience, listed from the top or most latest to the oldest related job experience
  • Functional emphasizes on your expertise and skills, ideal for those with gaps in employments; it also works to those who want to show off their capabilities in performing the job.
  • Combination combines both professional resume formats, ideal for those with continuous employments as well as to those who want to highlight their expertise in the field

There you have the top tips to remember when writing your resume using the latest trends. Make sure to follow and apply them so that you can get better results. Finally, you should spend enough time in writing, in editing your resume to ensure it is error-free, and in checking to see if it is compliant with the latest trends for resumes for 2016.