Simple Resume Layout

Many experts in the employment industry say, with good reason, that a simple resume layout is the best possible layout. One of the major problems with many resumes is that any added complexity really doesn’t help the people trying to read them.

Many people have complicated enough work histories, without turning the resume itself into an obstacle course for people trying to find information. Simplicity really is a virtue in this case, and a using a simple format of resume can be highly productive.

The best simple resume layout are purely functional. They provide the information required by employers without turning the resume  into a sort of jigsaw puzzle.

Best practice simple resume layouts are actually extremely straightforward:

  • Name
  • Contact details
  • Education, qualifications and training
  • Work history
  • References

What employers like about this form of resume is that it can be easily screened both by computer screening and manual screening processes, and that it only includes relevant information. Simple resume layouts allow them to read your information clearly, another major plus in their favor. Whether you use a template or not, focus on information quality.

For most people, a simple layout is actually the best possible structural basis for any resume. You can add more later if necessary, but as long as you get the basic layout right, you can create a good working resume.

Simple resume layouts are also much easier to work with than the more heavily structured templates. Many resume templates don’t actually add value, they simply add more information, whether anybody wants it or not.

Another very important point about simple resume template layouts is that they can be tailored to provide very good presentation values. With most templates, you can add a photo, a color scheme, and make your resume look very professional with very little effort.

If there was ever a good example of the “keep it simple” principle, standard resume layout are definitely proof of the value of the concept. Simplicity allows you space in which to work, and a good template will assist in creating separate niches for all your information to improve presentation.