Simple Resume Layout Online

What makes a simple resume layout? Well, simple is still best because it contains more meat and substance highlighting your capabilities, core competencies and skills and letting the focus of the employer on the basics of what sections to look for in your application. If you want to make use of the simple resume layout, check out the following for a good example as well as for some tips to remember.

What Makes a Simple Resume Layout?

  • Name, complete home address and zip code,  contact numbers and professional email address
  • Career objective discusses your future plans as well as what you want to achieve from applying in this job
  • Achievements in your career includes your accomplishments as well as challenges and ways on how you faced and solved the problems
  • Work experience talks about your jobs handled, company names and dates in service
  • Education should include your academic background in the reverse chronological order
  • Skills or core competencies are your unique selling points, mainly discussing why you may be a good fit for the position, definitely about your assets and potentials to contribute to the growth of the company.

Expert Tips for the Best Simple Resume Layouts

  1. Brainstorm what things to include in your best resume 2016 and list down all the important and relevant information you think helpful for the application.
  2. Spend enough time in writing your resume, but you don’t have to do editing at first. Reserve that for later.
  3. Do not write down all your work experiences, such as your volunteer works and summer jobs if you were a skilled worker.
  4. Use fonts easy to read such as Times New Roman, Arial and Calibri. For the size, stick between 10 and 12, but you should make use of half fonts, such as 10.5 and 11.5.

There you have some of the tips you have to know about simple resume layouts to use in writing your resume. Most important of all, do not send out the same resume across the companies you want to apply to, but be able to tweak or change any sections to suit per job application.