Simple Resume Format

Everyone seems to be looking for a simple resume format that they can adapt to every job application. The difficulty with this is that there is no one format that will suit every applicant or every situation. That being said there are common features that are evident in all simple resume formats and should be included in every resume. is the premier resource for all your needs in providing you with a simple resume template you can make your own.

Commonalities in a simple resume format

Simple Resume FormatRegardless of the simple resume format template you use, you still have to include the same information. The difference is in the way in which you list or describe what it is that makes you better than the other applicants so that you will be called for an interview. All simple resume formats should have:

  • Personal information section listing your name, address and email address
  • Educational qualifications you have that makes you worthy of working in this position
  • Work experience listed in order from the most recent job to your first job
  • Information about your achievements, such as any awards or recognitions you have received
  • Your personal interests

Purpose of a simple resume format

The whole idea of using a simple resume format is to engage the reader and make this person interested in what you can do for the company.  The writing should be descriptive, which is hard to do when you are just listing facts and information. It is the way in which you describe the work you did that gives the reader the idea that it would be a very good idea to meet you in person to further discuss the details you outlined in your resume.

How we help you with a simple resume format

By coming to you will get the help you need in creating a great, but simple resume format. After we decide which type of resume format to use, through our discussion with you, we then use a simple resume template to help us get started. But, it is not the template that counts. It is the way in which we showcase you to the potential employer.

While there is really no such thing as a simple resume format, we will provide you with a professionally written resume that is right for you. Place an order now with