Professional Resume Layout

Professional resume layouts are in good idea in many ways. A properly done professionally created basic resume layout can be used as a portable template for job applications. These documents are easy to work with, well laid out, and give you a good structure for your resume.

A typical professional resume layout is really well organized. It sets out information clearly, providing you with a good way of efficiently edit the ing and updating your resume, as well as simply giving you a well presented document. This is critically important, because many resumes as a result of too much “occasional editing”, turn into real major messes.

A good professionally done resume is laid out very simply:

  • Name and contact details
  • Education and qualifications
  • Work history
  • Any other relevant information

Note the use of the word “relevant”. A good professional resume will contain only relevant, current information. You can update one of these professionally created resumes in a few minutes, simply adding details and removing old information.

Professional Resume Layout

Depending on your requirements, the work history area of the resume may have to be structured to include achievements, targeted information relevant to job applications, and similar information.

A good professional resume is typically no more than one or two pages, using a 12 point standard font and carefully screened for typos or any information which may be unclear.

In many cases, professional resume writers will interview clients to ascertain their needs and aspirations, which adds the all important element of objectivity to writing the resume layout.

You can learn a lot from a professionally written resume.


  • Types of expressions used – There is no jargon.
  • No superfluous material – to save space and improve efficiency in delivery of information, no “filler” is used in the body of the resume text.
  • Industry-standard information – A clumsily written resume which doesn’t meet professional standards in an industry, is job application suicide. Good resumes deliver clearly professional-quality information.

When you see a professionally written resume, read and learn. Take the time to study how the resume is structured, the information content, and check the standards of presentation. These are the secrets to a great resume. If you also want to know about business resume layout, check our website for more information.