Functional Resume Format

A functional resume format is best used when you have gaps in your employment history or when you want to concentrate more on your skills and qualifications than your work experience. In functional resume formats you do not use chronological listings for your education and work. You don’t have to provide dates or the names of any positions you have held. If you have any problems with a functional resume format template you really do need the help of our experts at

How to use a functional resume format

Functional Resume Format 2014Use headings in a functional resume format and list them in the order of their importance. To decide which headings to use, make a list of the areas in which you excelled in your career. They can vary according to the position you held, the type of skills involved in the work or a specific aspect of your career.

Our experts advise that when using a resume format, functional writing should:

  • Consist of short statements
  • Use concise language appropriate to the application
  • Use descriptive language in your headings so that they will be noticed
  • While you are expected to provide names of employers, downplay the list by focusing on your skills.

Pros and cons of using the functional resume format

When you use a functional resume format template, you redirect the reader’s attention from your list of experiences and focus on what is important to you and relevant to the position. It is one of the best ways of showing the employer what you do have to contribute to the company and what you can bring to the position.

It is possible, though, that using a functional resume format, recruiters may assume that there is something suspicious about your work. This is because they are so accustomed to reading resumes written in reverse chronological order. It is also difficult to demonstrate a clear career goal for your future.

Who should use a functional resume format?

Functional resume formats are best for those just graduating from college, those that are switching careers and those with gaps in their work history, such as stay at home moms or dads. has the specialists you need to help you with this type of resume writing.

It is more difficult to use a functional resume format that a chronological one. Let the experts at make sure your resume is perfect.