Combination Resume Format

It is possible to combine the elements of a functional and chronological resume format into one – called the combination resume format. You may have also heard it referred to as a hybrid resume format or a combined resume format. Whatever you want to call it, this type of resume format allows you to focus on skills as you would in a functional document and list your work history in reverse chronological order. It is perhaps the best of both worlds and our experts at can help you create a professional and personalized resume of this nature.

Who should take advantage of a combination resume format?

Combination Resume Format 2014It is important to note that a combination resume format template would not work for all applicants. The manner in which the resume is written calls for a discussion of skills first followed by work history. Instead of writing an objective at the beginning, our writers perfer to use a career summary in a chronological resume format. This is to draw the reader’s attention to your top credentials that match what the employer is looking for in the person hired for the vacant position.

The following applicants are best suited for a hybrid resume format:

  • Students
  • Graduates
  • Job applicants for entry level positions
  • Those with a steady and continuous work history in the same job
  • Those looking for a change in their career
  • Older workers with gaps in their work history

Reasons to use a combination resume format

Flexibility is one of the main reasons that the combined resume format is the choice of most of our writers after discussing the situation with a client. This is because they can structure the resume in a way that works to your advantage. When you provide details of your skills that are a match for the requirements of the job, then there is a high likelihood that the reader will continue on to read the full resume amd cover letter.

When we use the chronological resume format template for clients at we begin the document with the career summary highlighting skills essential to the position. We then follow this with a reverse chronological listing of work history, which is what the readers are expecting to find.

Work with us to find the best way to use a combination resume format for your needs. Place your order now at