Chronological Resume Format

In order to focus on your work history and education the best way to create a great rsume is to use the chronological resume format. Also known as reverse chronological resume formats, this style maps out a history of your jobs and education in order from the present back to the past to your first job and your graduation from high school or college. The purpose of using this format, chronologial resume specialists say, is to show both lateral and upward mobility in your experience and qualifications . We have the experts you need for an exceptional chronological resume template at

Common use of the chronological resume format

Chronological Resume Format 2014When potential employers and recruiters read your resume they expect to see it written in this format. Chronological resume formatting is the one most commonly used because of the way it shows continuity in your work experience.  However there are drawbacks to using a chronological resume template as well. This is especially true if your qualifications for the position are not immediately clear to the reader. Everything about you becomes clear to the reader in this type of resume.

Tips for using a chronological resume format

  • List all your work history by date starting with the present. This means stating the name of the employer and the position you held
  • List your educational qualifications starting with the most recent courses and work your way back to high school or college graduation
  • Include beginning and end dates if this is applicable
  • Include both paid and unpaid work, such as volunteer activities.

All experience, even that unrelated to the application, has a place in chronological resume formats. One of the best ways to handle such details is to create a separate heading and include this information after your educational details.

Get a Perfect Resume in Chronological Format

With help from the experts at, there is no reason why you would not be able to use a chronological resume format. We have the expertise to be able to mask imperfections in your career paths by highlighting skills and talents that make you the perfect choice for the position. Writing the objective or professional summary is one way to clear up any misconceptions at the beginning of the document.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that a chronological resume format is simple to use. Come to for professional assistance.