One-Column Resume Layout

If you were looking to apply for a job the coming year, then you may be looking for effective means of coming up with a great resume that is read by recruiters. According to studies, employers or hiring managers do not really spend more than 30 seconds per applicant’s resume. In this case, they suggest using one page resume template.

This is not only brief but also concise. In one glance, an employer will find what he is looking for without having to scan through the entire document at all because this is divided into blocks or sections. Check out the following tips on how to come up with a great resume layout.

How to Write the One Page Resume Template

Be clear and as concise as possible and write exactly what you position you are applying for. Therefore, you have to consider your passions, your brand and your innate talents. In this case, you will be able to flaunt your assets without you having to consume much space. Here is how you can create a one page resume format:

Brand/Executive profile

It must include your value proposition so that the employers would know what you could do for their company. Here, you can get rid of soft skills but make use of one-line zingers to capture the interest of the employer:

  • Include three best core competencies
  • Credentials and educational background
  • This block comes right after the executive profile.
  • Professional/work experience.

This block in the one page resume format shall include your companies and industries, including their major products and services:

  • Include one line to describe your title,  budget size you handle or key information  to fit on one line
  • It may include a line to describe your challenges and what you did to overcome them.


  • Include your accomplishments or contributions to the company during your term or tenure; what value have you added to the company
  • Write down relevant positions held in the last 10 years.

Leadership Roles

  • Include board positions and leadership roles.


  • You may list down all the associations or affiliations relevant to the job.

There you have some sections to include in the one page resume format. You can follow the sections highlighted here in creating a single page application paper. Learn more tips on how to write a single page resume today!