Left-Aligned Resume Layout

A left aligned resume format is a common type of formatting used by job seekers, and you may be looking to use the same in your next resume.  Using this layout, all the corresponding bullets and headlines or heading are left aligned in the document. It provides a clean to look at and short resume for easy reading by most employers who may not have the time to read your application for more than 30 seconds.


  • The section where to write your name and your contact details and email address just below your name, which is written in bold and has the biggest font size compared to the remaining portions of your resume.

Executive Profile

  • This is the section where to highlight your best assets and core competencies, written in the third person perspective and not using the pronoun “I”.

Special Skills

  1.  Certifications is where to write your special skills and certifications, including dates of completion and title of the certification
  2. Skills  and at the opposite of each of them, include years of experience.

Left Aligned Resume Layout and Tips

  • Set up the left alignment for your resume using the Word Processor. Align the content to where you want it to be in the left side. Look for the tab stop menu to find in the topmost left corner of MS Word and located near the ruler’s left.
  • Locate the square until you find the tab stop you want to use, and then make use of the ruler to align the tab stop where you want it to be.  If you were using a list, make sure to use bullets for consistent spacing.
  • Find and make use the paragraph and line spacing tool for inserting and controlling the size of spaces in each section, paragraph and bullet. You can use it especially when trying to adjust the spaces at once.

There you have the very easy solution for creating the left aligned resume layout. You can make use of it if you want to create an easy to read and clean resume format, you can use the left aligned resume layout, but make sure that you brainstorm and think of what to write before starting with your resume.