What The Latest Resume Format 2015 Looks Like?

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As the year is about to close, many job seekers are preparing their resume using the latest resume format 2015.  If you already have your resume and you want to modify it to adapt to the trends, check out this post especially made for you.

How Does Resume Format 2015 Look Like?

Although there are many templates already available out there and you might have been tempted to use such for your own, there are certain things you have to know on what works and what does not for future job applications. Get and open your old resume and be able to modify and adapt it for the latest resume format 2015.


Complete Permanent Address

Contact #

Professional Email Address


Career Objective is the section where to write about your career plans and goals. It is where to write down what you want in the job and why the employer should hire you.


Career Highlights


Work Experience





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Tips for an Effective Latest Resume Format 2015

  • Be able to use one-half to one inch of margin on every side of your paper. This will make your application paper easier to read than smaller or larger margins.
  • Do not use fancy or colored paper but use a legal sized white paper for a professional look.
  • Avoid using fancy fonts and sizes. This is not the time to get creative because this is not a scrapbook where to show it. Use only font size between 10 and 12 and only font type, such as Times New Roman, Verdana, Calibri or Arial.
  • Do not forget about white spaces for easy readability.
  • Do not send out your application without going over it repeatedly. If you cannot edit it by yourself, you have to get someone else to check for any grammar and spelling errors.
  • Check if you have included all the relevant details and eliminate the details that do not add any value to your resume.

Resume 2015       latest resume format 2015

Following the latest resume format 2015 is so easy! What matters here is that you devote the time in writing your resume and that you are able to brainstorm on what relevant date to include so that you can come up with an impressive resume for 2015.

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