Full Guide on Resume Complete Format 2017 for Freshers

Understanding the latest resume complete format 2017 is very important because it will not only serve as a guide, but also determine whether you will be contacted for interview by your prospective employer. As a fresher, it is recommended that you follow existing practices that employers are familiar with, regarding the basic resume format. In order to stand out, you need to be creative, but don’t abuse it.

It is worth mentioning that resume writing has never been more imperative than it is in 2017, particularly with the competitive job market. Looking for a way to get noticed from employers or recruiters without key pieces of information or disclosing too much can land you an interview. Bear in mind the fact that being invited for an interview is the first step to earn you the position you truly desire!

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Are you a fresher looking to write a winning resume for 2017? Then you need to put certain things into consideration in your resume complete format 2017 for freshers. This full guide on resume complete format 2017 for freshers will set limit for what is expected of you when it comes to writing amazing and outstanding resume.

Procedures Involved in Improving Resume Format 2017

  • Explore the Internet – The Internet is loaded with information like the latest trend in resume format. You can avail this opportunity to to know the new and latest formats that applicants are using.
  • Seek professional help – It will be a good idea to get help from the professionals. As you do this, make sure you choose the right person that will offer you good opinions, feedback and suggestion for writing amazing resume that will land you the interview.
  • Avoid clichés – Using clichés is no longer impressive and will not impress employers and should be avoided. Hence, it should be avoided.
  • Format – Since you are a fresher without any job experience, you can list your volunteer jobs in your resume 2017 as part of your work experience. Use proper format and ensure you just add the most relevant experiences you have gained before applying for this 2017 job.
  • Headings and subheadings – When you are writing your resume complete format 2017 use clear headings and subheadings. Ensure that you use a heading that contains your name, permanent address, mobile number and email address.
  • Proofread and edit – Make sure you proofread and edit your resume if there is any grammar or spelling mistakes before handing it over to the company you are applying to.
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format of an resume 2017 sampleFormatting a Resume in 2017

  • Make use of standard 8.5″ x 11″ paper.
  • Use gray, ivory or white paper.
  • Set all sides of the paper at one inch margins

Sections in resume for 2017

Contact information

Contains your personal details where the employer can get in touch with you. Provide your full name, telephone number including area code, full mailing address, and a specialized sounding email address.


Note that an objective is no longer necessary in resume complete format 2017 but only applies to some particular fields. You can confirm this from the job application instructions, or industry specific information regarding whether or not to add this statement. Nevertheless, if it is important to include an objective, write one short sentence that describes the type of work you are seeking.


Describe your abilities with several short sentences as a quick list of your capabilities.


Start your listing from the most recent qualification, enter your apprenticeship, degrees, co-ops, internships, co-ops as well as certifications. Put the date you finish, the certificate or degree or obtained, and the name and address of the school. Highlight the related courses below each school’s listing.


Start your working experience with the most recent employer. Add the title of your position, name of company, city, and state address. You can enter your job description, listing the duties most related to the job under Description/Duties.


Write your personal references on a separate sheet with similar heading, font and general formatting as your resume.

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What to Skip in Writing the Resume

  • The objective – If you are applying for a job, it is obvious that you want it that is why you need to skip including an objective section.
  • Using paragraphs – Makes the resume boring to read. Use bullet points instead
  • Irrelevant information – Do not add useless and irrelevant details as it will only consume space. In the 2017 resume complete format, do not include your nationality, religion and marital status among others

Mistakes to Avoid in Your Resume Complete Format 2017

Mistake #1 – Not Centering on Accomplishments

Always focus on your accomplishments instead of what your duties were all about in your former job. Doing this will not land you the interview. Emphasize more on how you accomplish completed tasks and went above to make you stand out

Mistake #2 – Grammar

Chances are your application is rejected if your resume is full of mistakes including layout, punctuation, spelling and lots more. Hence, avoid this mistake in your 2017 resume.

Mistake #3 – Too Vague in Experience and Work History

It is not enough to state in your resume that you are hard working as this will not distinguish you for selection for interview. As a result, create your own unique identity and be descriptive enough about yourself.

Mistake #4 – Not Being Explicit Enough

A probable employer will just toss your resume aside if they cannot understand what you have actually written; even you are more than qualified for the job. Therefore, make yourself clear enough for employers to understand your resume.

Mistake #5 – Too long or too short Resume

It is noteworthy that a resume with little history, experience or information could be ignored. On the other hand, any resume that is too long could also limit your chances of being invited for interview. Try as much as possible to balance the whole thing.

Writing a perfect resume complete format 2017 is not as difficult as you think, if you understand the tips and tricks. You will take your resume writing skill to the next level in 2017 from the above information.

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