CV Format For Freshers

When it comes time to round out your freshman year at University, it’s likely that a lot has changed for you. You aren’t the same person that left in the fall, and it’s important that your resume shows this. Finding the right resume format for freshers engineers is the most important aspect of updating your resume.

Adding education information is essential

CV Format For FreshersThe biggest mistake that many people make when thinking about the format of CV for freshers is believing that education information isn’t important. If you look at your CV from the perspective of the hiring manager, their biggest question is likely going to be ‘what did you do in the past year’. For that answer, they will immediately want to look to the education section of your CV to see what you have accomplished from an academic standpoint.

What does this mean for a CV format for fresher? To start, you need to include basic information like what University you are attending and what your GPA is. The biggest concern that we see from freshers is that their GPA isn’t ‘good enough’ to list on a CV. If you are applying for a job right after your first year, most hiring managers are willing to overlook a poor GPA, especially if there are other things that make you a great candidate. It is important to focus on making sure that you are a well rounded candidate, and structuring your resume with a proper CV format for freshers is the first step to doing that. You can spend time during the interview explaining away your lower than average GPA.

Include any activities or jobs from your fresher year

The other major section of your CV that will likely change will be your activity and job experience section. As a fresher, you have been exposed to a lot more than you had just one year ago, so if you have had any jobs or new activities, now is the time to integrate them into your CV format for fresher.

Make sure that these activities or jobs are relevant and put you in a good light instead of a bad one. Talking about your dining club, fraternity, or sorority might not be a great choice unless you hold a high position in the organization.