Creative Resume Layouts

If you want your resume to stand out, creative resume layouts make a lot of sense. You can present your resume very well, provide good quality information, and be a truly conspicuous job candidate as well.

Having said which, and this is a major issue which cannot be overlooked – A creative resume layout must work to your advantage.

It is quite possible to create a simple resume layout which is counter-productive, looks silly, or just doesn’t work at all. If you want to do a creative resume layout, you really do need to think about content quality, presentation and other fundamental quality control issues.

There’s a very good way to make sure that your resume looks good – Be your own harshest critic.

There are a lot of things you can do to create a really good, standout resume.

You can use:

  • A font color scheme
  • Logos of your college, educational institution, employers, and other relevant entries in your resume.
  • A photo
  • High quality HD resolution online video link
  • And attached portfolio link
  • Document background colour and texture scheme

The possibilities aren’t quite endless, but you can see how many options you have for a creative resume layout.

Now consider:

  • Does this look professional?
  • Are you undermining yourself by using bright colours,  or other non-business standard presentation values?
  • Are you confident that this resume looks as good as you want it to look?
  • If you were an employer and you saw this resume with a job application, would you be favorably or otherwise impressed?

Self-criticism is the best way to make sure that your creative resume layout is actually going to work for you. Be patient, think about the image you want to project, and above all think about the people to whom you’re sending your resume.

Now- Take it one step further, and compare your creative layout with others. A good, well designed template will win the comparison. When you’re happy with your design, it’s ready to use.

Make yourself look good with your creative resume layout, and you will have a resume with which you will be very confident every time you apply for a job.