Creative Resume Layout Ideas

When you’re creating your resume, a bit of creativity can go a long way. As long as you don’t go nuts with the innovations, a creative resume can be an eye-catching, useful way to present yourself well. Check our creative resume samples to see what we are talking about.

Two very important things to remember before you start –

  1. Keep your resume simple, and don’t create problems for yourself with difficult to manage areas in your resume. Remember that you will have to rewrite this thing many times, so whatever resume layout you choose, make sure that it is fully functional.
    1. Remember that somebody else has to read your resume. They need to be able to access information, and most of these people are reading large numbers of resumes, so don’t give them an obstacle course to work with.

Tips and ideas for creative resume layouts

The most critical thing to ensure is that whatever layout you choose, you create a fully functional resume which you can use anywhere with confidence.

Your resume must contain:

  • Your name, and all current contact details
  • Clearly laid out qualifications
  • Your work history

Other optional inclusions may be:

  • Achievements
  • Career objectives
  • Associations
  • Awards

Please note that while these things are very nice to include in a resume, they are not absolutely essential. Using up space on a subject like career objectives can simply provide prospective employers with information they don’t actually need. You can also always refer to career objectives in your cover letter.

There are many options when laying out your resume:

  • Your name and contact details can be extracted like a banner headline. A large header section on the first page, including your name in Tasteful colored text, a photo perhaps, and a clearly defined contact section, are obviously very useful and make your resume stand out.
  • You can include things like your college or employer logo in your qualifications and work history sections. This looks good, and is easy to do.
  • You can also include logo of organizations which have presented you with awards.
  • You can use coloured text (business colour schemes only) to highlight different sections of your resume.

Remember one thing about your creative resume layout –

You’re trying to present yourself as a class act, look good, and convince employers that you’re worth employing.

Stick to those criteria, and you really can’t miss.