Creating Resume Layout Design

Think for a minute –

  • What’s the best resume layout design that you’ve ever seen?
  • What did you like about it?
  • Why did it appeal to you?
  • What was the thing that you liked best about this design?

Now consider –

  • This layout really did make an impression on you.
  • You may have seen this resume some time ago, and you still consider it to be a great design.

These are the basic values of good resume designs. Creating a layout design requires some thought, but you can do it yourself with a bit of practice.

The primary elements in resume layout design are:

  • Standout overall impression
  • Use of colors, fonts, headers, and document quality
  • Readability

A good layout design is the type that has you saying “ Wow!” the minute you look at it. This is the sort of resume people actually want to read, simply because it looks that good.

There is no specific generic How To manual for creating a good resume design, but there are quite a few common features that you need to consider:

The document basis – A good resume layout is based on an overall theme, like the colour scheme, with embedded fonts and high quality presentation overall.

Section presentation – Each section is meticulously laid out, providing not only the information but good spacing and text presentation values. This sort a resume is as much of a lesson in graphic art as it is a resume, providing a good visual presence.

Quality of information – In their fascination with the quality of presentation, many people overlook this – The actual information provided is highly readable, straightforward, and relevant. It’s not just the document which looks good, it’s the actual information as well.

With professionally made resumes, you often see this standard of presentation, combined with what can only be called “killer” quality of information. Some people use resume layout apps to get a perfect resume. It’s no coincidence that these well laid out, well presented resumes are highly successful.

When making your own creative resume layout or infographic resume focus on quality in all parts of your resume. Get the presentation right, and then work hard on making sure that your information quality matches up to your presentation. You’ll make a good impression on anyone who sees your resume.