Creating Best Resumes 2016 That Will Be Liked by Everyone

best resumes 2016
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What makes the best resumes 2016? If you are looking to apply for a job, then you should learn of the latest trends so that you can align your paper into what works in today’s job application. There are things not to forget including in your application, and that’s exactly what we’re going to show you in the sample we have created. Check out the following as well as the tips to know to make your resume better.

Best Resume 2016 Sample

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Financial Analysis and Reporting

Experienced and expert financial analyst who handles and manages complex task, meets close deadlines and keeps up superior performance. Have practical knowledge and skills in corporate finance and markets. Uses strong analytical skills and financial planning in informing the senior management about the latest trends and ways in reducing company expenses by about $250,000. Works with dedication and strong sense of urgency, while thriving in a competitive setting. Fluent in French.

Core Competencies include, market financial reporting, project management, financial statements, statistical analysis, market analysis, corporate finance and financial services, forecasting and strategic planning



It is one of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies that produce a wide range of medical products supporting prevention and wellness, and cures and treatments for diseases in almost all therapeutic areas.

Financial Analyst

Prepares presentations related to finance for the senior management through adding new and current reports together business trends analysis for the company’s nutrition division as well as supporting the developing of presentations, executive reports and ADHOC reporting capabilities. Also formulates or creates yearly operating funds as well as monthly forecasts. Monitors team spending when it reaches $1.3M.

  • Made about $400,000 in yearly savings through using the latest procedures that streamlined the vendor relationships of the company
  • Enhanced spending reports to improve expense quality and efficiency for 10 groups
  • Conducted a thorough financial analysis in order to support senior leadership in terms of developing long-term financial plan of over $30 billion within five years


  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, magna cum laude
  • Syracuse University, Syracuse NY, 2008


  • Proficient in MS Office Suite (Word, Power Point, Advanced Excel, Outlook, Access , QuickBooks

  • SAP, In-house proprietary financial software)

Tips for the Best Resumes 2016

  1. Include a URL of your social profile, a professional social profile like that on LinkedIn. This will help the employer learn more about you and your abilities, knowledge and skills.
  2. You should write with a consistent branding about yourself. If your name is common, try including your middle name, but make sure it is consistent to what you use on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.
  3. Avoid using crazy colors and fonts and use a simple resume layout
  4. Write your phone number and email address.
  5. Do not use an objective statement because it might be distracting. Instead, you should use an executive summary.
  6. Use the reverse chronological order in listing your experience.
  7. Use industry related keywords to demonstrate your abilities, knowledge and skills and strong verbs.
  8. Write a company description. It will help if you would include a short description of your previous company so that the potential employer will have a better idea about you and things you can do.
  9. Do not list achievements in longs blocks of text. Instead, you must list them down in bullet point for easy reading.
  10. Quantify your achievements, according to samples of the best resumes 2016. You can include money saved as well as sales made. Make sure to back up any claims you have with evidence or proof that is.
  11. Write your accomplishments in a result to cause format.
  12. Include white spaces as in the best resume formats.
  13. Don’t use third person pronouns, but the first person.
  14. Skip the images, including tables or pictures to avoid confusing the reader.
  15. You should list down your education at the last part.
  16. Do not include the reference section.

There you have the best ways on how to come up with an impressive resume in 2016, according to the latest trends. Make sure to follow them and prove yourself well in the job application. Finally, spend time and edit your resume to ensure it is error-free and effective.