Centered Resume Layout

A centered resume is a type of resume aligned in the center of the page. This works for most types of job seekers across industries.  If you would be choosing this type of resume format, check out the following tips on how to make your resume an impressive one in terms of style and technical presentation.

Tips for Centered Resume

  1. Use one inch on each side of your resume. This is the standard although you can make use of other margin sizes but this may make your document presentation hard to read and not printer friendly. Nevertheless, you may want to stick with the one-inch margin on each side.
  2. Stick with one-page resumes, the most suitable length for most types of applications because this makes your resume easy to read at a glance especially that most employers do not spend more than 30 seconds reading a resume longer than a one-page format. For more experienced applicants with many things to write, they can make use of two-page formats, but make sure you maximize the space and not waste it with irrelevant inclusions.
  3. For centered resume, you can just SELECT ALL in word processor and press CTRL+E to center the paper.
  4. When making a list, use bullets to achieve consistent spacing between items.
  5. For the fonts, it is better to stick with traditional and simple fonts, such as Arial, Calibri and Times New Roman. Choose font size between 10 and 12 and not smaller or larger than this value.
  6. Use line breaks in between sections, especially between your career objective and the qualification summary.
  7. Do not write your resume other than the color black for professionalism.
  8. Use legal size paper no matter what alignment you choose for your resume.
  • Name
  • Contact information including your complete mailing address
  • Contact number
  • Professional email
  • (SPACE)
  • Career Objective
  • (SPACE)
  • Career Summary
  • (SPACE)
  • Work Experience from the most recent
  • (SPACE)
  • Education
  • (SPACE)
  • Skills

There you the correct layout to come up with a one-page resume that counts that will be easy to read for many employers. Go ahead and start formatting your resume in this way, but make sure to check your paper against any errors or mistakes you might have missed.

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