Bright One Page Resume Layout

What, you may ask, is a “bright one page resume layout”? For some people, it’s the answer to a dream come true – An easy to work with resume which is highly effective, contains all the relevant information, and really does only need one page.

The dream come true thing also applies for employers. Employers don’t necessarily need, and often definitely don’t want, a “library disguised as a resume”. The one page resume formats are extremely space efficient. They can deliver what a folder full of information used to deliver in the past.

The Background to the Bright One Page Resume Layout

The one page layout for resumes is actually the result of evolution and better thinking on the subject of providing necessary, useful information on resumes. In the past, resumes began to expand, rather than contract. They could literally be whole folders.

This information was well presented, beautifully laid out – And incredibly time consuming. Imagine getting thousands of job applications which were literally folders full of information. It did happen. The HR experts started to demand less, rather than more, and the original modern resume, the general layout, was the result.

Trying New Resume Layouts

That wasn’t the end of the story, by any means. It was the start of another problem – If you use less space, how do you provide all the information you want to provide? Workarounds were tried. Performance indicators were included in work histories, like “achievements”. Role and responsibilities was another attempt at identifying skill sets and experience, as you can see in our free resume layout.

If all of this seems a bit prehistoric, it was also incredibly inefficient. The workarounds weren’t really all that much better than the original problems. The new resume formats were the result of rethinking resume layout and technology, particularly new software which made it possible to create great resumes on one or two pages.

The new approach is what’s being called the “magazine layout” style resume. This is a combination of text, text boxes, graphics, and other useful ways of organizing information. It really does look very like a magazine layout.

That’s no coincidence, either. The software used to create these layouts is basically the same software. You can do practically anything with this software, and arrange your resume to look fabulous while you’re at it.

The New Resume Layouts as Problem Solvers

The new resume layouts start earning their keep right from the start. They’re real problem solvers, allowing you to get a whole career’s worth of information on a single page very efficiently, and make it look good, too.

For example, if you have a lot of different skills, these layouts can condense your skills into a single entry in a text box or sidebar, easy to find. Consider how many skills you have, and how much space they take up in a conventional resume, and you can see why people like these new formats so much.

Presentation – this is what “bright one page resume layout” really means. Choose color schemes, graphics, photos, you name it, and they can be formatted straight in to your layout. Easy, and very effective. If you’re thinking of a new resume layout, start here. You’ll love your new one page resume.