Basic Resume Format

There are certain requirements to follow when you use a basic resume format to submit with an application for a job or acceptance in a college or university course. This also includes the size and type of font to use and the type of paper on which you should print the resume. While it is easy to get tips for using basic resume formats, it is the expert help provides for its clients that makes the writing process such an enjoyable one.

Rules for using a basic resume format

Basic Resume SampleWhether you purchase a program to help you write a resume or you use a free basic resume format the features will be the same in both. It is not just knowing what information to include in a resume that makes the difference. It is the way in which you present the facts that complete the required sections that makes the difference in how effective your resume is in achieving your career goals.

Every basic resume format starts off with your personal information. This should stand out from the rest of the document. When you look at basic resume examples you will see that thus section of the resume is usually written in larger font than the rest of the page. Your name should be written in upper case letters and in bold font.

You must have an objective in mind when you complete the basic resume format. This is your reason for writing the resume. We know that your objective will be to be successful with the application, but you must be creative in describing your objective so as to grab the attention of the reader.

Other tips for using a basic resume format

Some of the other tips our experts at provide for job applicants using basic resume formats are:

  • List your education in reverse chronological order
  • List any special skills you have that would be relevant to your application
  • List all the work experience you have, whether it is paid or unpaid
  • List any awards and honors you have received

Use short sentences and be concise.

Even with loads of tips, it still takes time and patience to accurately complete a basic resume format. Place an order with an expert at