Acting Resume Layout from Professionals

An acting resume layout can be a very complicated document, particularly for highly experienced professionals. Organizing your information and making sure that your resume is appropriately structured for new roles is critically important, so its important to study resume layout template for guidance.

Your acting resume layout is essentially a combination of CV and personal profile, and a certain amount of “panel beating” and re-targeting may be required, depending on the nature of the new role. Acting resume need to match moving targets in the forms of different roles. Like your roles, each “performance” of your resume needs to target specific requirements. If you also looking for functional resume layout, find all information you need on our website.

Acting Resume Layout Essentials

A professional acting resume inevitably looks like a cross between a personal profile and a CV. This is good, in one way, because it does give you a lot of material to work with. That said, you need to be careful to edit out and manage the information on your resume.

The basic layout is simple enough:

Personal information

  • Name and contact details
  • Current photo
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Relevant information related to role requirements, like “role age”, etc.


  • Film
  • Television
  • Voice characterizations.

Skill sets

This section may include a very broad range of skills, including acting genre(s) musical, dance, and other skills. For voice actors, accents may be a useful range of skill sets, for example.


Training information needs to be simple, stating the name of the training organization and trainers where relevant.


Include your most important awards, and use text boxes or other standout “magazine” style inserts to manage space.

Acting Resume Layout Information Quality Decisions

As all professional actors know, convincing a producer or director that you are the right person for the role is the absolute bottom line. Your acting CV layout can be very helpful in this regard. In CV form, your personal profile can be used as a major asset for targeting specific roles. In this case, breadth and depth of experience really do matter, and you can be highly selective about the information you use regarding performances, in particular.

Information quality lands roles. For example – When going for a comedy role, comedy experience is obviously a major asset. Experience in a romantic comedy or in a similar role, however, may also be highly relevant. In a family sitcom, a previous role playing a father, mother, or other family member would naturally be relevant.

Your acting resume layout needs to complement your CV format. You could, for example, use photos from specific relevant roles. This is quite easy to do, using simple software like Adobe InDesign to ensure good quality HD photos and layout management.

Good color management, too, often helps you enhance our resume. It’s worth experimenting with your layout color scheme options, to find a good professional look for your resume.

Be prepared to be a little patient with creating your resume layout. Take the time to select good photos, and familiarise yourself with your layout and information options, study best resume layout 2014 for more information. You will find that you will produce a far superior, much more effective resume.